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Single Rope Technique Vol. 1.


Last weekend, a part of the team met in Gelbsreuth to conduct the first course in the field of single rope technique together. The aim of the course was to bring the team to a common level of knowledge about the technique on the rope and to prepare us for future projects.

Together with Nils Bräunig and Paul Schlecht from the German School for Cave and Rope Technique FUNIS (https://www.funis.de) we experienced 2 intensive days.

Already on Friday evening a part of the team arrived, besides a delicious dinner we talked a lot about the work. On Saturday morning the last participants arrived, so we could start punctually at 9 am. With a mixture of theory and practice Nils and Paul introduced us to the topic, so that we could already ascend and descend on the rope without any problems in the evening.

Day 1 ended with a delicious dinner together.

On the 2nd day we were taught special cases of the single rope technique, besides changing points and different knots, the focus was on practical exercises. We were able to use the entire practice area with a variety of ropes to practice different scenarios in parallel. Everybody was always very concentrated to learn the technique as good as possible. There was also enough time to organize a race in climbing the longest distance (approx. 10m).

At the common lunch we also discussed some project specific topics.

Around 17 o'clock the 2nd day was also finished and we started our way home.

Definitely this was not our last course with Nils and Paul... the plans are already running at full speed.


Many thanks from the whole team for the great course!

Here are a few impressions from the course: https://www.funis.de/auf-dem-trockenen/

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